Password Generator

Generate easy to remember secure passwords

Single personal password with a given length


You may also define the length of the password.

Series of custom passwords for all purposes


Select the count of the passwords.

Select a complexity for the passwords.

You may also define a length for the passwords.

Generate hash from a given password

You should define the hash type for the password.

How it works?

We have designed this password generator for the average user, our goal is to provide the most secure passwords while keeping them easy to remember. The generated passwords fulfills all security requirements of nowadays standards, they are compatible with recent websites and applications requirements from all over the world.

Unlike other popular generators, which combines random characters that everyone forgets in two minutes, we produce passwords that are close as possible to natural language. To ensure strong security it is not a must that they were produced by a totally random process, but they need to be really difficult to guess, so we add the necessary complexity into each generation. Additionally, we verify that any of our generated passwords are not included in popular automated password cracking programs.

Single personal passwords

Here you can generate passwords for daily usage, the sweet spot between security and natural language. If you wish to use a least or more complex one then use the series generation form below, where you can also define their complexity. These passwords are suitable for all websites as far as they are more than eight characters long.

Series of custom passwords

If you want a multiple list of easy to remember but highly secure passwords then this option is made for you. Even passwords generated with the lowest complexity settings are suitable for most applications, but it's highly recommended to use at least the medium complexity with more than 8 characters long setting. The high one generates bullet proof ones, but they are not as easy to remember.

Hash generation

This feature is mainly provided for system administrators, so you are able generate hashes from plain text passwords for various server applications. For example MD5 is the standard password hashing algorithm for FreeBSD, SHA-512 is for the common Linux distributions, HTPasswd is utilized by Apache, and so on. If you would like to see here other hashing algorithms just drop us a mail and we will do our best.

Privacy policy

We do not log, store or give out to third parties any of the generated or hashed passwords, nor the visitors IP addresses or user agents (however the last two are collected by GAnalytics).